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- Engagements, Weddings and Diamond Rings

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Engagements, Weddings and Diamond Rings

Date Added: March 10, 2010 01:41:41 AM
Author: admin
Category: Jewelries & Watches
Proposals, engagements and weddings are surrounded by tradition, many of them relating to jewelry. Engagement rings and wedding rings are the most common today, but in certain cultures a promise ring is sometimes given when a relationship becomes serious, as a sort of pre-engagement ring, and an eternity ring may be given on an anniversary or after the birth of the first child. There are also differences in the wearing of rings by men. It is common for men to wear wedding rings, and male engagement rings are also becoming more popular.

The wedding ring is usually simpler than the engagement ring. It is often a simple band, usually of gold, although more elaborate designs are sometimes used. Some couples even design their own wedding rings. The engagement ring usually has a stone. Diamond rings are popular.

Engagement rings are traditionally presented to the prospective bride by the groom when he proposes to her. This means that he may have to choose the ring by himself, although some couples prefer to shop for their rings together.

The style of the ring and the type of stone (if any) are the most basic considerations when choosing wedding or engagement rings. A wide variety of options are available, in different types of metals and in modern and traditional styles. If a ring is intended to be worn every day then it will need to be practical to wear and to have lasting appeal. If engagement and wedding rings are going to be worn together then they need to match and fit together.

Diamonds are assessed according to their color, clarity, cut and their size, measured in carats.

Many couples choose to have their rings engraved with a name, date or message to make them even more personal.

Rings can be re-sized after purchase if necessary, but a jeweler can determine the correct ring size from an old ring that fits the ring finger. This will avoid any difficulties with a surprise proposal.

An engagement ring is traditionally expected to cost between one and two months' salary. 


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